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How to Get Rich in A Tough Economy

Do you think the danger is over and the economy is about to rebound along with your finances? Think again!

I'm sorry to say, but too many people are still losing their jobs, their homes and much of their wealth. Times are tough and my prediction is that this year, and for the next few, most people are in for a rough ride, but...

That doesn't mean you have to put your dreams or your goals of accumulating wealth on hold. Anyone can achieve financial success—even in tough times—if they have the will and the right strategy.

What am I talking about?

The Secret to Making Money in Tough Times
The silver lining in a downturn is the smart people, the ones who have a growth strategy instead of just a survival one, can accumulate wealth faster than at any other time in history. Yes, nasty recessions like this one provide once in a lifetime opportunities to get rich.

Bill Gates started Microsoft in the middle of recession and he's now worth billions. So, what's the one thing that holds most smart people back and prevents them from getting rich in a tough economy? What's the one thing that limits their earning potential?

It's not starting a business. And it's not delivering your product or service. The one thing that keeps most people from being successful and wealthy is having a system for getting more people to buy, especially in tough economies like this one.

No sale, no income, no business (you get the idea).

Find out the simple system for selling more and reaching your financial goals.

It's true, times are tough and it's gotten harder to sell anything. Prospects will tell you the price is too high, they're not ready to buy right now, want to think about it, can't get the boss to approve it, or worst of all, "aren't interested," when you know for a fact that they need your product or service.

And during this current recession, with sales shrinking or at best stagnating for most businesses, there is only one sure way to keep profits rolling in.

To Be Successful, You Need to Close Sales—In Any Economy
No matter how enthusiastic you are or how polished your pitch, if you can't close the sale, you won't be successful. I don't have to tell you that each time you lose one sale, you also lose the potential for repeat sales in the future.

The first time I tried to sell my way through a recession, I didn't know how to get past the common objections that were killing too many sales. And it really annoyed me. That was until I discovered one simple truth about selling. I'll tell you what it is in just a second, but let me ask you two questions first.
  1. Who are prospects more likely to believe: themselves, or you?
  2. Who is better at closing the sale: the prospect, or you?
The Truth About Selling More
The simple truth about selling—and the secret to selling more—is that your prospects are better at closing the sale than you are, if you lead them to it.

Once you understand this and put this breakthrough technique into practice, you'll close many more sales. This approach helped turned my career and my business around. It can do the same for you.

You can increase sales with less effort and less expense!


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