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Best Permalink Optimization Tips

A permalink or a permanent link is still available even after the post has been moved from the home page and into the blog archive. Search engines have their own respective algorithms that will determine which blog should appear on top of a search result. The top three search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN use different factors to determine a blog's relevance to the search terms.

As a result, a blog may come out on top of one search engine's hit list but may not necessarily be in the top ten of another search engine.
Nevertheless, there are certain things that many top search engines have in common. So you can actually do certain things that will help boost your rankings for these search engines.

Permalinks promote website browsing. A glance at a link to a permalinked blog, the web surfer will know how recent the post is and its title. A surfer can then easily disseminate word about a particular post. Since the post title is within the permalink itself, search engines will pick up the link faster and place the link in higher search engine ranking.

It is important that your permalink does not contain a lot of variables. It should be search engine friendly, meaning it can be easily spidered by search engine crawlers. A search engine friendly permalink avoids the use of too many symbols such as ?, = and & because these make the permalink difficult for a search engine to index. It should be emphasized that a search engine friendly permalink includes the post name or post title. Inclusion of the post name or title makes the blog post easier for search engine to index and therefore easier to find.

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