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Use RSS Syndicated to Generate Traffic Faster!

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog faster is through RSS Syndicated. To get people to syndicate or subscribe to your blog there is really only one game in town. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a lightweight. XML format designed for sharing headlines and other web content, such as product and special-offer information – sort of an automatically distributable “What’s New” for a site or a blog.

RSS feeds are readily indexed by search engines and, more importantly, provide a useful stream of user traffic; many users now use online or desktop-based newsreaders, or even their browser, to pull together different feeds they are interested in. In a sense, people are now making their own newspapers, with RSS feeds as the automated publisher-inchief.

Whenever users click on a headline, they are returned to the linked page on the originating site. Every major blogging platform provides out-of-the box RSS feed generation, and a user interested in your content just pushes the button at the bottom of your blog and specifies which reader they want to use.
Getting your new RSS feed found by the search engines is also now simple to do. Sign up for Google Reader, MyYahoo!, and MyMSN respectively, then add your feed to their services. Spidering normally takes no more than 24–48 hours.

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