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35 Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Blog Faster! (Part 2)

Do you still find it difficult to generate traffic to your blog faster? if you do, then you need to find the best ways to drive traffic to your blog so that gradually you will have that steady amount of unique visitors that you have been dreaming of.

Imagine that you could have over 1000 unique visitors each single day, how would you feel? How would that change your way of blogging or perhaps the way you view life? Well, I firmly believe that it'd be so good but stop! let's focus on how to drive or to generate traffics and increase visitors first... Ok, let's get straight to the point, in this article you will find another second sequence of my post which still to do with how to increase and generate more human visitors faster...

11. Use photos in your posts

12. Use and ping your posts with Technorati

13. Offer email subscription

14. Tweet your posts using Twitter

15. Email marketing

16. Leave as many quality comments as possible in other blogs especially those which are the same niche

17. Respond to all comments either through email, comment form or shoutmix

18. Put polls in your blog

19. Create a Sitemap for a search engine especially for Google

20. Join BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog

well, I think it's enough for today, just wait for another even best ways to generate traffic faster than you could imagine :-) in the meantime, share your opinion here and let me know.....


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