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5 Secrets of Page Title Optimization in Blogger

Page title optimization plays a very big role in search engine optimization (SEO). Thus, you really have to put more emphasis on this. In this article, you'll find recommendations and secrets on how to construct your blog title tag.

These are principles rather than hard rules. Achieving all of them at the same time will generally be impossible, so juggle them to get the best overall result for you:

1. Every page must have a title tag and each page's title tag should be different. There should, nonetheless, be consistent across the pages in how the title tags have been constructed.

2. The length of each title tag should generally not exceed 85 characters (including spaces) and should never exceed 120 characters.

3. The title tag should be written in such a way that it gracefully truncates at both 66 characters exactly and 75 characters exactly (including spaces). By gracefully, I mean complete words in a phrase that scans well and uses proper grammar.

4. Where possible, the title tag should incorporate a short call to action or at the very least a provocative statement that encourages the users to click on the link.

5. The keywords used in the title tag should all be repeated in the URL, meta keyword tag, heading tags and page body text. Synonyms of keywords in the title tag should also appear in the page body text.

You will now have the SEO friendly page title. Hope this works for all of you guys :-)

If you find any problem, let's us know by leaving your comments here.....


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