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The Secret of Image Optimization

Image optimization is as important as content optimization. Since Google can not read content in image, we have to optimize how we serve image, so Google knows what the image is about.

Basically here is the image html syntax...

that simple html syntax will show you an image depends on the file name. Honestly, that syntax is very clear if people see that picture but not with the Google bot or its spider.

Thus, we have to do something about it to make it clear and visible in the Google's eye. Want to know the secret? Don't worry I'll tell the secret. Here is the syntax to optimize your image in your blog or website.

image description

As you can see, I added syntax alt that syntax tells Google what the image is about.

Well, guys optimizing image in your content is actually that easy. Don't believe it? Just give this a try then and you will start to notice some changes happen in your blog...


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