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Here Are 6 Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Blog Faster! (Part 1)

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Generating and driving traffic to our blog is not easy. Many even experienced a lot harder than what they thought to bring traffic to their blog or site.

Frankly speaking, as anything else if it's worthed, it's difficult. Yet, don't ever stop trying to bring and to generate traffic to your blog or site because in the end, it's all about traffic that matters when talking to building successful online money making.

That's why, the very first thing you should always keep in mind is finding ways to generate traffic to your blog faster so you can make the most cash from your blog or site.

There are actually 12 best ways I find it faster to generate traffic to our blog. Yet, in this article I will post you half and will be continued next time for the rest 6 other ways. Here are 6 of them...

1. Provide high quality content

Content is king. Many said. Instead, content is the soul of our blog itself as people come to your blog just to seek the information. Not the other way around. Therefore, providing high quality content to your blog is again above all. It's a compulsory thing to do.

2. Update your content everyday with fresh, unique and useful ones

Search engine and visitors love the fresh, unique and useful content. This is also the reason why they keep coming back to your blog.

3. Provide free downloaded stuff

Everyone likes to have free stuff. Who doesn't? Even, most visitors come to visit your blog just to look for any free stuff that available. So, provide this would be a great advantage for both visitors and blogowner or webmaster.

4. Always give comment to other blogs while blogwalking especially to high traffic blogs

I find it really works when done on consistent basis. Especially when we have built good relationship with those high traffic blog owner and their loyal visitors. In the long run, you will be amazed at how powerful it really is. This usually gives me about 50 to 100 visitors per day.

5. Optimize your blog to search engine especially to Google

The simplest way but the most to bring traffic to your blog is by doing SEO or search engine optimization. Remember, most people search the information on internet through search engines. They are like the bridge to anything you want to find out on internet. And the biggest among them is Google. If you know how to make your blog more visible to Googlebot or its spider, you'll then easily to boost whatever keywords you want to be optimized and that means you will generate more traffic to your blog.

6. Optimize your blog to any social media, social community or social network

Social media and social community or network like Facebook, Friendster, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Del.ici.ous, and many other are just great media to drive traffic. Optimizing your blog or site to such social media, social community or social network would defenitely help bring a number of visitors. Instead, if you are an active member there, you can drive the most traffic to your blog.

I think that's all for today... Just wait for another 6 even better ways :-) in the meantime, just share your opinion here and let us know which works best for you...


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  3. Hi Mind Power...the third point, providing the downloaded stuff may be good on one hand but bad on the other. Downloaded stuff will stimulate traffic normally, but it will not be good for some commercial purposes as many affiliators don't accept blogs in which MP3 or similar downloaded stuff inside. This may be additional consideration. Nice post buddy..:):)

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