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Here Are 3 Secrets to Increase Your Blog Page Rank Faster!

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How to increase our blog page rank? This is probably the question of most bloggers all over the world, especially to those who are newbies.

Increasing blog page rank is easy. If you know how. There are actually many ways I find it faster and much more effective to boost your blog page rank. In this article you will find 3 secrets that I did to increase my blog page rank to PR 3 only in a matter of 3 months. Want to know those secrets? Read on to learn more...

1. Trade your link with other bloggers. Specially to those are the same niche as you do

Google puts attention to every single link that comes out or comes in to your blog. Thus, the more relevant it is, the more it counts in the Google algorithms and the faster you'll increase your page rank. Remember, be very wise to do link exchange with other bloggers. Why is that? The answer is very simple. As I said before the more relevant the link is, the better it will be.

If you do link exchange with other bloggers are in different niche than you do and this means having no relevance at all with your niche, sooner or later it will downgrade your blog page rank. That's why, pay more attention to this. This is something you can never give it a miss.

2. Submit your blog to as many high page rank blog directories as possible

Submitting your blog to blog directories particularly to those high page rank ones will defenitely improve your ranking in the long run. Try to submit your blog to at least blog directories with PR4 or PR5.

Want to increase your blog page rank to PR3 faster? I'll tell you one secret which is really fast to boost your ranking. Here it is. Try to do link exchange with only five blogs with PR4 but those which are do follow.

Never trade your link with those which are no follow. As it is no use. If you want to benefit the most from this then make sure that those blogs have remove the "rel=no follow" within their blogs.

3. Update your content everyday with unique, fresh and useful ones

Content is always the king. Many said. And this is the fact that you should always remember. That's why, providing high quality content will always work specially if you do this on day-to-day basis. The more you update your content, the more visitors come to visit your blog. Once they love your content, they will bookmark or even put your link in their blog.

The more they do this, the faster your ranking will encrease. Thus, be the authority of your own niche and update your superior content everyday. You will then be amazed at how this can really drive traffic and increase our blog page rank.

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