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2 Easy Ways to Boost the Amazing Power of Positive Feelings!

Do you guys know the amazing power of positive feelings toward our lives? It's beyond the power of positive thinking. Instead, it determines how we can think positive or otherwise. Want to know the influencing power of positive feelings toward our lives? Read on to learn more...

As we all know that we've got to live a good life as life is just once. So, make it as worthed and meaningful as you can since life is worth living. Start by thinking out of the box, start by looking at different opinion, start by doing small things one step at a time and start all over again by...

By what? By changing the way we see things. By changing our entire bad habit. But the question is how? How we can apply it into reality? How we can start changing our lives for sure?

Well, the answer of all these is just simple. You've got to utilize the built-in power given by God in your heart. Your feeling. Many said the power of subconscious mind but I prefer calling it the power of feelings. Yup, the power of positive feelings will ease us to achieve goals we pursue out of life.

Here are 2 simple ways to implement it...

1). At first, say to yourself, whatever happens today what really matter is that I feel so good no matter what, I still feel good, feel so happy so excited and everything has done as I wish.

Everytime your mind starts to think negatively, anytime you're worry that things might not go as you wish. Put away all those negative thought by replacing it with the positive one almost immediately. Keep feeling -- not thinking -- positive. Imagine that anything goes at will today. Thus, you feel so good, so vibrant and couldn't be happier really. Do this on a regular and consistent basis. You will wonder at how things are slow but sure changing.

Just try this out everyday. Practice this regularly and you will start to notice life is beginning to change little by little.

2). Project forward what happens in 5 to 10 years to come by perceiving and visualizing that all your dreams as though have done already now.

Feel deep down your heart that whatever you wish and things you're dreaming of gradually begin to come true as you're absorbing all the positive power in the universe into your heart and mind and all the universe will incorporate to make what you believe in to be real.

This is in line with the Law of Attraction. Also relates to what Napoleon Hill said that "What your mind conceive and you believe you could achieve"

This is what we call as the amazing power of positive feelings. What do guys think? Share your opinion here and let us know if you got different point of view...


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  3. Thanks for the visit n comment my friend :-)