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You Create and Control Your Life!

Believe or not there's nothing happened in your life that is out of your control. All things happen under your control. You create and control anything in your life. This is true and real whether you realize this or not.

But, very few people throughout the planet realize this power. To tell you the truth, God is in control of everything. He is in control of all universe. And God is the Highest Self. We are the Higher Self that control everything in our life. We are the co-creator of God.

And we can create and control all things in our small universe that is our life. To tell that things happened because of something else other that yourself is to say that your are the victim.

As a matter of fact you're not. You are the creator and controller of everything in your life. Though you might find that things somehow din't go as you wish but actually you made that happened. Your subsconscious helps you to make things happen and it doesn't care whether your wish is positive or negative.

Thus, start from now on, realize this fact that you are the director of the script. You create and control all at will.

Remember, there is nothing happened outside of you. Everything is happening within you. It all starts from within. Just like "The Law of Creation" that everything happens twice. First, it creates within you and it finally happens outside.

What do you think? or perhaps you have a different opinion? Let's share here and let us know.....


  1. Nice post buddy...I like the way you link the posts to each other. It's good huh..

  2. thanks for the compliment mr. Dodik