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The Power of Visualizing Your Dreams!

Our mind is our most precious asset. This is something that you have to keep in mind. Why is that? It's because any single thing in this very world is created twice. First, it's created within your mind and eventually it'll appear and happen outside.

This is in line with the Law of Creation which we all know. Our mind is a very supreme power and thus it's extremely powerful if we know how to boost this potential.

There are plenty of things created and they all have been designed first within our mind. Just like what Walt Disney, the founder of the world's greatest and largest family entertainment center -- Disney Land did before he died.

Walt Disney had visualized and organized all in his dream. Before what we see now, DisneyLand had been well - designed in Walt's mind. He imagine and visualized as if it's already happened. He kept visualizing it almost everyday.

Anytime he found obstacles and handicaps, he found himself stood alone among the crowd seeing his great work all done.

Years gone by, and Walt Disney never gave up. He kept on creating and designing what he believed already happened in his mind. And the result? Millions of people across the planet come just to visit and to have closer look to the world's greatest entertainment center ever. What an amazing power of visualizing dreams!

What do you guys think? or perhaps you have different opinions? Let's share here and let us know.....


  1. Too often we are preoccupied by our routines and then forget our dreams/ goals. What worse is those who dream or desire nothing. Nice post! ;)

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