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Moving onto the Fast Track in Your Career

This is one of the very best times in all of human history to be alive. There are more opportunities for you to get paid more and promoted faster today than have ever before existed. By practicing these great ideas for the rest of your career, you are surely going to be a financial success.

Decide Exactly What You Want

You can't hit a target you can't see. Define your ideal job and never stop striving until you get it.

Create a Successful Image
Take the time to dress, groom, and look like a winner in all of your work activities.

Start Earlier, Work Harder, and Stay Later
Always look for ways to go the extra mile, and to do more than you're paid for.

Ask for What You Want
Speak out clearly and ask for more responsibility, more opportunities, and more money.

Guard Your Integrity as a Sacred Thing
Be honest, straightforward, and truthful in all your interactions with others.

Thing about the Future
Continually look for ways to improve your company and your work in the weeks and months ahead.

Concentrate on Results
Focus your mental and physical energies on getting the most important results in your job.

Be a Problem Solver
Continually look for better, faster, and cheaper ways to solve the problem facing your company and your boss.

Put People First in Everything
Look for ways to help your boss and others make their greatest contributions to the company.

Invest in Yourself Continually
Read, study, attend seminars, and listen to audio programs every single day to increase your knowledge and skills.

Commit to Excellence
Resolve to become very good at doing those things that are really important to your company and to your customers.

Concentrate on the Customer
Place the needs and well-being of your customers at the center of all decision making.

Focus on the Bottom Line
Treat every source of revenue and expense as if it were your own money and always look for ways to improve the financial results of your company.

Action Exercise
Develop a reputation for being the person who gets results faster and more dependably than anyone else.